Bryan Bassett (Foghat): «I just bought a new console and we will be heading into the studio sometime later this year to start working on a new release. I think it will be in the same vein as ‘Under the Influence’ or our previous album ‘Last Train Home’».

Bryan Bassett (Foghat): «I just bought a new console and we will be heading into the studio sometime later this year to start working on a new release. I think it will be in the same vein as ‘Under the Influence’ or our previous album ‘Last Train Home’».

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In a new interview for Metal World, our Chronicler Raúl Cardona spoke with guitarist Bryan Bassett of the British Blues/Boogie/Hard Rock band FOGHAT.

FOGHAT’s live performances demonstrate why the band is still active and why they can keep on rocking as long as they want. This band is truly timeless, constant touring is part of their DNA and their live show is intense, with the incredible energy and musicianship one expects from an experienced band with such a long musical history. Not content to rest on their laurels, FOGHAT released a great studio album in June 2016 titled «Under the Influence», and another live album in June 2017 called «Live at the Belly Up», both receiving great reviews from the public and the press. Foghat’s fans are everywhere and today their audience is made up of all ages, from little kids playing Guitar Hero III and knowing all the words to «Slow Ride» – from the album «Fool for the City» (1975) – to the 30-40 year old generation and those who bought the first FOGHAT vinyl or 8′ track.

Formed in the City of London in 1971 when Lonesome Dave Peverett (guitars and vocals) and Roger Earl (drums) left the British blues-rock band, Savoy Brown, FOGHAT has achieved eight gold, one platinum and one double platinum album, they continue to release new music every few years, have never stopped touring and recording, although there have been several ups and downs and changes over the years. Sadly they lost Lonesome Dave Peverett in 2000 and guitarist Rod Price in 2005, but Roger Earl kept punching and kicking to maintain Foghat’s musical legacy. The iconic band of the past is rocking just as hard as they did decades ago, if not harder, FOGHAT’s thunderous blend of blues, boogie and full-throttle rock ‘n’ roll is shaking walls and fans everywhere.

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Charlie Huhn has played with Ted Nugent, Gary Moore and Humble Pie, and lead and slide guitarist Bryan Bassett played with Wild Cherry and Molly Hatchet. Bassist Craig Macgregor, who had been with the band since the ’70s, sadly fell ill in 2015 and passed away in 2018, had recommended the very talented and likable Rodney O’Quinn as a ‘replacement’ who came to Foghat via Pat Travers‘ band where he proved he knew how to lay down a solid groove. O’Quinn saw MacGregor as a mentor and is a great permanent addition to the band. On drums, there is founding member Roger Earl, who with his positive attitude, drumming style and joy of playing has been an inspiration to all.

If FOGHAT had only given us «Slow Ride», the band’s place in rock history would be assured. But the band is much more than that, with over 20 albums released. As Roger Earl states, «we are still a ‘work in progress’, writing and and recording, and plan to be so until the day we leave this world».


– Hello, my name is Raul Cardona and it’s a great pleasure to talk to Bryan Bassett, lead guitar, slide guitar and second voice of the British band Foghat, formed in London in 1971 and turned into a legend through the years. Hi Bryan! How are you? To begin with, introduce me, who are the members of the band today?

BB: Hi Raul, nice to meet you. The band lineup is Charlie Huhn on vocals and guitar, Rodney O’Quinn on bass and vocals, myself on lead guitar and slide guitar and of course Roger Earl on drums. Roger Charlie and I have been working together for over 20 years. Roger has been here since the beginning starting in 1971, 50 years of playing Foghat music.


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– Bryan, doing a little bit of history and looking back, tell us when did you join the band? Also, tell me about the album «Family Joules» (2003). I love the songs «I Feel Fine», «Looking for You» and «Sex with the Ex», what can you tell me about them and what memories do you have of those times?

BB: I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dave Peverett from 1989 to 1992, when he moved from England to Orlando, Florida. In 1992 all the original 1971 members of Foghat reformed and I played with Molly Hatchet from 1992 to 1999. When Rod Price retired from the road in 1999, Lonesome Dave asked me to return to the band and I have been here ever since.

The loss of Lonesome Dave to cancer was an incredible blow to us as friends and bandmates and we were unsure of our future after his death. After a year we were lucky enough to connect with Charlie Huhn, former member of the bands Victory, Ted Nugent and Humble Pie and after a few conversations and rehearsals we decided to continue with the band. We started writing and rehearsing new material, mainly from partial ideas contributed by each of us and the result is the album «Family Joules». It was recorded in a large facility in central Florida owned by our friend Billy Collins, we all set up in one room with the recording equipment and then proceeded to record, mostly live with minimal overdubs. It was a great experience for us as a reformed band to write and and record new music. «I Feel Fine» was written by myself and my friend Stephen Dees, «Sex with the Ex» was a guitar riff I had and Charlie provided the lyrics which I think are pretty fun and «Looking for You» I think we worked it from a guitar riff into a song, I’ll have to think about that one a little bit.



– You were part of the formation of the band Wild Cherry in the 70’s. What memories do you have of those times? Any anecdotes you remember?

BB: I have a lot of great memories from that time! Having a record on the charts and being played on the radio is very exciting for any young musician and it sure was for us. For me, the best memories are playing with some of the best R&B musicians in the world at the time. We were able to tour with The Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, Average White Band, The Jackson 5, Brothers JohnsonThe Isley Brothers and many more. Seeing these great musicians perform live at the height of their powers was incredible. A little anecdote… AWB was renting an entire floor of a hotel in the performance city and we started playing soccer in the hallways after the show and a few beers of course.



– The album «Under the Influence» (2016) has received excellent reviews from the specialized press and the general public. How was the recording and musical production process of the album?

BB: As I recall the album process started with writing sessions with Roger and our friend from Nashville, the great blues guitarist Scott Holt. We were set up in our Boogie Motel South recording studio where we rehearsed and recorded, and within a week or two we had written several songs. We were writing just for the fun of writing songs because we enjoyed playing and working with Scott, but as the material began to form we realized we had a Foghat. We started rehearsing with Charlie and he brought several musical ideas to the table and we worked on them, recorded them all the time doing shows on the road while I organized the material we had written and recorded at home. Roger had become acquainted with the great blues producer, Tom Hambridge, and we decided to bring him in to help us finalize the project. He brought some new songs to the table, helped us decide which songs we had in the can we should use and then we moved to Dark Horse Studios in Nashville to complete the project and add special guest star performances.


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– It is an album with a surprising sound. Pure Hard Rock. I like the songs «Ghost», «Hot Momma», «Knock It Off» and «All Because Of You». What can you tell me about them?

BB: All four songs were recorded by me at our Boogie Motel South studio and finished in Nashville with Tom Hambridge. «Ghost» is a great song, Charlie plays a very haunting guitar track. I think «Hot Momma» and «Knock It Off» were songs suggested by Tom, and «All Because Of You» was from early writing sessions with Scott Holt.



– Excellent album cover work, who was in charge?

BB: Linda Arecello Earl, our manager, has been the art director for every Foghat album I’ve worked on since 2000.



– What is the secret to staying alive for so many years in the complicated world of the music industry?

BB: Playing music as an individual is its own reward but staying alive in the industry is really working with a group of people that you really love playing music with, who become your friends and family.



– It’s been 5 years since the release of the album «Under the Influence» (2016). When will fans be able to hear new material by?

BB: Funny you should ask…. I just bought a new console and we’ll be heading into the studio sometime later this year to start working on a new release. I think it will be in the same vein as «Under the Influence» or our previous album «Last Train Home». We’ll see what comes out of the sessions and will report back as we know it.



– Concert and touring plans for the rest of the year?

BB: We have been able to do some concerts this year and we have several more for the end of 2021. It has certainly been a challenge for bands around the world, but we hope to overcome this virus situation and be able to play concerts in 2022.


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– Is there anything you want to say that I haven’t asked you?

BB: I think going to see live shows is something the world needs, I think music has a great power to influence the mood of the world. So don’t worry and try to see your favorite musician performing live. As for all things Foghat go to to see where we are about to play, check out upcoming events and updates on our recording …thanks for your time!.


Some of Foghat’s upcoming concerts: 

02-24-2022: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa, FL

03-13-2022: Paramount Arts Center, Ashland, KY

05-14-2022: MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center, Port St. Lucie, FL

08-20-2022: Seven Feathers Casino Resort, Canyonville, OR

08-21-2022: Seven Feathers Casino Resort, Canyonville, OR

10-29-2022: High Seas Rally 2022, Port Canaveral, FL



– It has been a great pleasure for Metal World to learn more about the legendary band Foghat. Thanks to Bryan Bassett for his time in granting us this interview.


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